About Deflux

Deflux is made of frequently used biocompatible material with an established safety profile

Deflux is made from polysaccharides that have been in medical use for over two decades in more than 40 million medical procedures worldwide.1

Easily injectable, viscous gel made from two polysaccharides2

  • Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA®) undergoes a process to form a gel with increased viscosity and stability
  • Dextranomer microspheres measure between 80 μm and 250 μm, minimizing the risk of the microsphere migrating from the site of the injection

The Deflux implant is stable, remains in position, and does not disappear over time

Deflux must not be injected intravascularly as injection into blood vessels may cause vascular occlusion.


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