See how pediatric urologists administer Deflux

Administering Deflux

Endoscopic treatment with Deflux takes about 15 minutes on an outpatient basis and usually allows the child to go back to normal activities the day after it’s done.

The patient is first placed under general anesthesia. With the patient properly positioned, a cystoscope is inserted, and the Deflux needle is inserted in the working channel of the cystoscope. Deflux is injected according to the recommended technique, after which the needle and cystoscope are withdrawn, and postoperative care is given.

There are three approved techniques for administering Deflux: : the HIT procedure (Fig. 1.), the Double HIT procedure (Fig. 2.) and the STING procedure (Fig. 3.).

Deflux should only be administered by qualified surgeons experienced in the use of a cystoscope and trained in subureteral injection procedures.

Please refer your appropriate patients with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) to a pediatric urologist upon VUR diagnosis.